Dr. Magnetron the Leper

Michael loos magnetron leper 1600x
Michael loos magnetron leper heroportrait
Michael loos dr magnetron the lepper

This is a Portfolio Illustration I did for the Artbrawl Hearthstone fanart Challenge.
I made several mockups to display how the card could look ingame.
The Hero Card is designed for a Brawl or Solo Adventure type game and the Magnetron Leper minion was designed for the constructed format. Can you find the Manaforge in the background.
I imagined Dr. Magnetron the Leper to be a gnome counterpart to Doctor Boom. Where Doctor boom is about explosions, this guy is about becoming an ever more Powerful mech, magnetizing all kinds of mechs, and making cyborgs out of anything that isn't!
Lot's and lot's of fun to all of you who are going to play the Boomsday Project. I'm sure I'll have it too! :)

July 27, 2018